Monday, March 3, 2008

keep your enemies close

3 months into the year and I've already managed to remove people from my life and add even fewer. After some thinking in the shower I came to realize that I should have stopped talking to a certain person a very, very, very long time ago. Let's call her LM aka Loud Mouth.
Example #1 - My mum and I were in a fairly severe car accident which resulted in my being unable to work for 3 months and then a bunch of physical therapy after that. So I inform the work the next day of the accident, they send flowers and I get a few phone calls. LM calls me a couple times and says she's going to come see me. (I happened to be in between apartments when the accident happened so I was staying at my parents at the time which was are 40 minutes away from work.) Anyways, LM says she going to come down on Wednesday after lunch. Since I haven't seen anyone outside my family and doctors I was really looking forward to it. Wednesday comes and goes, she doesn't bother to call or return my calls for several weeks. She was too "busy." Um, you update your myspace every time you breathe so don't lie.
Example #2 - I have a stomach condition that has required several emergency room trips. My second trip occurred the day before we were supposed to go pick out the bridesmaids dresses. I spent all day at the hospital and when I got home I called to find out what time it was happening and where. We were having lunch first and then going to pick out the dresses. At the hospital I had Morphine put into my IV and I was pretty out of it from it. Since I knew I was not going to be able to eat much of anything I asked it it was cool if I just came for the dresses part. LM said it wasn't a problem. So the next day I wake up still out of it and head out to the bridal store, halfway there I get lost and have to call for directions. She answers and informs me that she changed things around and they're almost done picking the dress and about to leave for the restaurant. Awesome. I love that you left me out even though I spoke to you not even 14 hours ago.
There have been many other things. Her dating my male best friend and screwing up his life. Calling me a liar if favor of a guy who is a well known ass. Telling people secrets that I told her. Blowing me off when she comes to town and still expecting to willingly shell out $300 bucks for a dress. etc.
Honestly it was really stupid of me to remain friends with this person for so long. Kinda pathetic really.