Monday, December 29, 2008

I wish I could quit you....

Dammit Arthas, why did you have to come back into my life? I was doing fine without you, meeting other characters and actually venturing outdoors a couple days a week. I hardly even thought about you until I saw you standing in the store looking all bad ass and scary, you made me weak. I tried to resist you, really I did and was doing a pretty damn good job until it happened.

WotLK release day.

Walking past the table loaded up with books, regular and collectors editions (CE) to go to break, it began innocently enough. I picked up one of the few remaining CE and purused the back out of curiousity and was able to put it back down and walk away. That little skeleton dragon haunted me all through break and the morning of work. The pile of CE got smaller and smaller, my will got weaker and weaker. Finally I decided that I would go to lunch and if there was still a CE when I got back I would buy it. Lunch was uneventful, I think it was Burger King. As I walked back into the store a ray of light came down from above to illuminate the single CE remaining. Oh yes, little skeleton dragon you were meant to be mine. In all of my euphoria I managed to purchase the game with my corporate card. Oops. See what this game is already doing to me?? Sigh. It's a good thing I don't have much of a life anyways. lol

Started up on a new server, Dalaran, in order to play with my sisters boyfriend since everyone I knew that played has moved on. As of last night I'm 3 and half levels from getting my hufflelump mount. Yeah, I know they're not called that but everytime I see them all I can think about is Winnie the Pooh. After a matter of hours I was right back in my old habits. Originally I started a human warlock because I've never leveled one past 10. (I have a horrible case of altitis.) I say originally because I quickly moved on to a different character, my lovely draenai hunter. What can I say, I love them. Hunters not draenai, I'd much rather be a blood elf but all my friends play Alliance. Wusses.