Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Tales from the Dorkside 
The title of this blog sucks, so I switched.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Go away I havn't got time for the living."

Thoughts on Cemetery Man.

Flaming blue marshmallow fairies. Seriously.
Rupert Everett is sexy, this of course is nothing new.
Film is very pretty. Even the deaths, which are creative, are almost graceful.
Gorgeous woman with a real body is a nice change. Yay for foreign films.
Creepy bald uncle fester/igor type dude.
Glass coffin ala Snow White even though she looks more like bride of Frankenstein.
Zombie riding a motorcycle.
Walking head without legs?!
Pro-active zombie killings.
Camera guy with amazing chops.
Eunuch shots. Still better than his original plan. ahhh true love.
I must talk to you = Let's make out while the camera revolves around us.
Previously mentioned gorgeous woman not so gorgeous now.
How the fuck do people talk with cigarettes in their mouths?
Nun head-shot.
Not nearly enough VW bugs in movies, especially ones with coffins strapped to the top.
Sort of a romantic horror with a bit of comedy in it.