Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eden Lake - *jaw dropping*-

Some time ago I won a copy of Eden Lake from Freddy in Space (my favorite horror blog) and having two months off after my recent surgeries I had some time to watch it finally. As much as I love horror movies I am also a complete chicken and can't watch really good ones alone at night since I live in an old noisy apartment building and have an overactive imagination. Normal people hear a noise and realize it's the pipes or neighbors using the bathroom. I hear that noise and become convinced that there's someone in the ceiling about to do horrible things to me and my corpse. Yeah, I'm weird.

Anyways, back on topic.... Eden Lake is about a couple who stay out in the wilderness for a weekend and the everything that happens to these poor people while they are there. It's vaguely in the vein of Last House on the Left but not really, that's just the best comparison I could come up with. I love this movie!!! It's the first movie where I have done absolutely nothing but watch, I have a very hard time sitting still and only doing one thing so this is saying alot. (At the moment I'm blogging, on facebook and watching Burn Notice.) I think what I loved the most about Eden Lake is that it is so utterly realistic. The teens in the movie actually look and act like the ones you see hanging out in the mall not like the belong on Gossip Girl. And everyone in this movie can act!! I want to say more but I don't want to give anything away about it but I think that if I wasn't shocked by the actions of some of the characters I probably would have cried. It's one of those movies that leaves you sitting staring at the screen in a state of disbelief. Amazing.

Needless to say, if you like horror or suspense movies you NEED to watch Eden Lake. Watch it, rent it, borrow it, etc.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fright Night, Dexter, bleh.........

So on my almost 2 month doctor ordered vacation from work I rediscovered my local library. Since I havn't had a paycheck in a while it's a nice free (or very cheap) place to waste time. Started reading the Dresden Files & Anita Blake series & got totally addicted. The Anita Blake comics suck ass but at least the Dresden ones are decent. Speaking of comics, since I need to eat & have a place to live I have been unable to pick up my books for the past 2 months. Fucking sucks. I've got an extra 30$ so I'm going to & pick up Uncanny, Fables & GL sometime this weekend. Everyhing else will have to wait. Speaking of Green Lantern, I really like Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, I think Bradley Cooper could have been better but I'm not complaining.
Also thanks to my awesome library I finally got to watch Dexter. OMG I finally understand how people can be so into it. It;s fucking amazing!!! I'm 2 episodes into to season 2 at the moment, will probably watch episode 3 after Fright Night is over. Still have to watch the Strangers & Eden Lake. The latter which I won from my favorite horror site Freddy in Space.